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Created 29-Jun-14
27 photos

When the sun goers down, the front porch light attracts an unending array of creatures. During the day, the yard and the nearby pond reveal even more wildlife diversity. I generally keep a camera nearby to capture whatever activity I can, and in recent months, insects, spiders, reptiles, and birds have posed for me.
Cicada on FirestoneDrying the WingsTussock Moth CaterpillarTussock Moth Caterpillar 2Tussock Moth Caterpillar Close UpTussock Moth Caterpillar 3Daddy Long LegsIn the SlammerI Thought You Was A ToadWhite CaterpillarGrazing among the FlowersGrapevine BeetleWater SportsDragonfly RockDragonfly BallRed SkimmerDarth VaderSnapperLizardWheel Bug #1

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