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Created 6-Apr-20
25 photos

These twenty five images won ribbons for me in the 2019-2020 Arundel Camera Club monthly competitions. The themes allowed me to compete with lots of different images from my travels. I have annotated each photo with a little about how I shot it, why and how. My subjects ranged from cities to insects to my granddaughter. And some are pretty fictitious in construction. Though nine of the images only garnered honorable mentions, I find the whole collection pleasing to view and reflective of who I am.
Pelican BreakCool Summer CascadeDragon Fire and AdmirersPamlico SoundFishing at SunsetBlue DasherPhysioAqueous SolutionLenape DancerLittle OwlEllis Island Hospital RoomPershing Square CrossingRemembering the FallenA Sunday AfternoonA Slow DeathThe Paradise DimensionsDragonfly 5Lilliputian Selfies by the FountainRFD Madrid, New MexicoChicago by Night

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